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Bungee Trampolines

Fly 20 feet into the air!
Everyone can do back flips and front flips

The bungee trampoline is specially designed to let riders do just that in a completely safe environment!

Each rider is placed in a specially designed harness and is attached to the poles with rubber bungee cords. As they jump their momentum carries them higher until they get to a height where they can do flips with complete safety!

The operator controls their descent with a simple, yet safe hydraulic device in the poles. Children of all ages AND adults find this ride both exciting and extremely fun! 

  • “Out of this world”
  • “Insanely Fun”
  • Anyone can do flips
  • Safe & Fun
  • Ride operators on-site
  • Ages 3 +

Rock Wall Rentals

Mobile Rock Walls

20 feet of vertical challenge! Our wall contains a number of climbing routes with various levels of difficulty.

Our rock climbing wall has a dual set up; so two climbers can race at the same time for side by side competition and our climbing wall can accommodate large volume events. The rock wall is supervised and controlled at all times by a trained staff member.

It can be set up in a 10X20 foot area with trailer access in under 30 minutes. Rock climbing is a ton of fun, and our wall provides a fun challenge for kids ages 3 to the adventurous adult!

  • Challenging
  • All Ages
  • 2 Climbers at a time
  • Safe & Fun
  • Ride operators on-site
  • No Weight Limit
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Bungee trampolines & rock walls are perfect for any party setting!

We have been a family owned business for over 15 years

Based in Orange County, Rock N Bounce comes to parties all over Southern California!

Safe & Fun!

RocknBounce has a perfect track record when it comes to safety, reliability, professionalism and having fun!

Everyone of our ride operators are fully trained, and experienced. Of course, you can’t be a bungee trampoline operator if you don’t love playing with kids.

When we come to a party, we don’t drop our equipment off and pick it up at the end of the day, we stay and make sure every child or adult has a blast on our bungee jumper and/or rock wall.

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