Recently, Rock N Bounce worked with a local Church and provided both our mobile rock wall and bungee trampoline for an event they would never forget. Within the hour we had not only the kids screaming for joy on our bungee trampoline, but also the adults! As you can see in the above photo everybody was really excited to give it a try.

How does it work?

The bungee trampoline is specially designed to let riders do just that in a completely safe environment! Each rider is placed in a specially designed harness and is attached to the poles with rubber bungee cords. As they jump their momentum carries them higher until they get to a height where they can do flips with complete safety!

Jumping, flipping, and climbing, the guests at Santiago Church had a blast throughout the event. Our mobile rock wall was also a fan favorite at the festival. Bringing 20 feet of intense vertical action, our wall contains a number of climbing routes with various levels of difficulty. The boys and girls had a great time climbing side by side racing one another to see who could reach the top of the wall first.

As always, both our rock wall and bungee trampoline are supervised and controlled at all times by a trained staff member.