Another birthday and another satisfied customer! We traveled to Southern Orange County to celebrate this young man’s birthday with our one-of-a-kind bungee trampoline. The kids were so excited to leap and jump 20 feet into the air while doing flips with ease. Our bungee trampoline is specially designed to let riders do just that in a completely safe environment!

How it Works

Each rider is placed in a specially designed harness and is attached to the poles with rubber bungee cords. As they jump their momentum carries them higher until they get to a height where they can do flips with complete safety! The operator controls their descent with a simple, yet safe hydraulic device in the poles. Children and adults alike find this ride both exciting and extremely fun!

After four hours of fun, the family thanked us graciously and we packed up for the next adventure. At Rock N Bounce we customize each of the rides to the comfort of the rider! We are all kids at heart and understand not everyone is a fear factor type, so the rider chooses their level of difficulty.

When you bounce with us, you decide how high to fly!